Day 147: Revelry (May 27)

Revelry means: merrymaking

A few weeks ago I was at church worshiping at the altar.  Suddenly, I felt a little one come nestle by my side as I was singing.  It was my Hannah.  I put one arm around her and continued to worship with my other arm raised to Heaven.  Then I had a vision.  I saw myself at the altar, but I was dressed in the same type of armor that the Amazon women wore in the Wonder Woman movie, and Hannah was too.  I saw God was looking at us and He said, “Lisa, even warriors take time for revelry and rest.”  In a flash I saw a war camp in the woods.  I saw myself there and I was constantly training, but God was drawing me to also make time for rest and fun.  He said it would even make me a better warrior.

That really struck me.

I have been warring for so long, I can honestly say, I struggle to find fun.  I still find time to rest.  That’s a skill I’ve been working on for years, but when things are tight, and time is stretched, and everything always feels like it’s hanging in the balance, it’s hard to let loose and have fun.

I was aware I was missing revelry, but still didn’t know how to achieve it because so many of the things that were once fun for me, aren’t any longer.  It’s like something internal is distracting me from truly relaxing.  Even in my resting times, I’m feeling the need to constantly focus my spirit.  How then, can I achieve revelry?

It all starts with trust.

Yes, you read that right.

If I’m going to let my guard down and embrace life, not escape it, but embrace it, then I must trust God.

And there’s the rub, so to speak.

I am reaching a new level of trust and it’s been so challenging, for a time I lost fun.  I still had joy, but not much fun.

Does it feel like you are trudging through life?  Does every day feel rushed and labored?

I challenge you, and myself, to go out today and just have some fun!  Whatever brings you a feeling of childlike pleasure, do that.  Be silly.  Laugh a lot.  And let all of those smiles wash over your spirit like a refreshing spring shower.  Let the water pour over the garden of your soul.  I know for a fact, God loves to laugh and have fun.  I see it in worship, even.  He will sometimes show me the funniest pictures and give me silly words.  They are silly, but so powerful.  I have learned to trust Him when He speaks to me this way and when I release it to the group, there is always a healthy laughter that seems to bring an increased Presence and calm to the room.

He is the laughing God.

A merry heart is good like a medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.  Proverbs 17:22