Day 160: Catching Butterflies (June 9)

The other day I saw myself in a field and I was holding a net and saw blue butterflies flying all around and I was joyfully swinging the net to try catching them.  Then I saw myself with a net full of lively blue butterflies.  I had a smile spread across my face and felt such delight! God showed me that’s how I’m navigating this journey of change.  I’m to always look for the blessings (blue butterflies) and fully recognize and celebrate each one (catch them in my net)!

That is exactly what I’ve been attempting to do with each passing day.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or because my relationship with the Father has grown so much, but things that would’ve really beat me down and kept me scared or lonely or feeling rejected in the past have been much easier to walk through than before.   Through this season I am learning to not reach out and try to cling to things and people that God is not bringing near to me.  Instead I’m embracing each person who takes the time to seek out a goodbye and I’m truly treasuring the love and affection they bring.  Also, instead of worrying and toiling over where we will live next, Chris and I are dreaming and starting by looking at things that are bigger than what we can currently afford before we start being “reasonable” and reigning it back in.  That may seem strange to some of you, but those of you who are closest to me know that historically I would be looking for much smaller and cheaper than we need or can afford just to make it safe, so I see it as a victory that we are dreaming first!  I’m not worried at all that we will jump into something we don’t need to because that’s not who we are, but dreamers….that is who we are and for us to fully thrive we need to mix a little dreaming in with all of our processes.

That may make no sense to some of you, but I believe my fellow dreamers will relate.

I’m a person who usually operates with caution, so any time I dare to even consider or give God the opportunity to do greater than I dream or imagine, is a victory.

So, as we continue to move forward, I will continue to catch butterflies! Meaning, I will continue to find God’s blessings in each day and keep dreaming.  Will you?

I promise you will feel more free and thankful if you are constantly taking time to enjoy life rather than checking off a list each day.  You will feel more satisfied and connected at the end of each day if you truly engage the blessings God has placed around you.  My challenge for you today is that you would face this day in expectation of blessings!  Take a slightly slower pace and use your net to catch any butterfly blessings you see today!

God, thank You for surrounding me with Your blessings every day!  Thank You for loving me so much that You delight in seeing my delight.  Forgive me for anytime I have neglected to notice Your blessings in my life and open my eyes to see the world through a lens of abundance and gratitude.  You are my greatest Blessing! I love You, in Jesus name, Amen.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, Who does not change like shifting shadows.  James 1:17