Day 183: Falling Through the Cracks (July 2)

When I asked God what He wanted to speak about next, I immediately saw a person walking along and then suddenly they fell through a crack they hadn’t noticed and were gone from view.  Then God spoke to me, “You have cracks in your thought process and understanding of Me and if you don’t stay close to me you will fall through those cracks.  When you fall through the cracks you risk getting lost in your own mind.  Lost in your own faulty thinking, as you lose sight of Me.”

Then I saw that God is navigating me around the cracks in my thoughts.  He is beginning to fill in the cracks as I am learning more about Who He really is and who He created me to be.

This was a powerful vision, and I can see such truth in it.

My question is, do you believe it’s possible that all you currently believe about Who God is and who He made you to be, isn’t 100% accurate?  The most important thing I keep in view for myself is, I am human and I have a human’s understanding and it’s faulty at times, so I need to continually be aware as He reveals more and more of Himself to me, and when that clashes with a faulty belief system I carry, then I am the one with a choice.  I have the choice of being stubborn and denying He could possibly be different than I previously believed, or I can go straight to Him with the old belief and the new idea and ask Him which is true.

It’s again, all about relationship.  Living life that way makes communication with God imperative.  I remember the first time God spoke something to me that looked to be in direct conflict with how I had interpreted the Bible.  I went to the Word and the Father and searched it out until I saw my original belief was inaccurate and my history had colored the Word a certain way that wasn’t fully true.

He wasn’t mad about it, it was actually His loving kindness to point it out to me, so I could live in more freedom.

Are you willing to have your fault lines tested?

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me; and lead me in the way everlasting.  Psalm 139:23-24

When I started praying the prayer in the above verse, I had no clue how much God would do in my heart and mind, and it was hard and at times painful but always so totally worth it.  Are you ready to let God search you?  Are you willing to be tested and let God know your anxious thoughts?  Will you let Him reveal any offensive way within you?  Ouch….that one’s tough.  But then there’s the rainbow at the end….He will lead you in the way everlasting.  See!! It’s worth it.  I’m all in, again.

God, bless anyone who reads this devotional.  I pray You would gently peel back any faulty thinking they may have and bless them beyond measure.  Lord, continue to search me and know me.  I do not want to believe anything other than the truth about You, me and others.  In Jesus name, Amen.