Day 221: When Hope Buds (August 9)

For months now, our family has been on a journey.  Not only are we moving to a new state, but we are changing homes, schools, churches, etc. and it’s a lot.  A Lot.  Before we moved, we spent quite a while preparing our PA home to sell.  New carpet, paint and landscaping.  Then when we moved, it was all about how to wait.  Now it’s moving day.  Later this morning, I will go lead worship at my parent’s church while Chris heads on to our new home to begin unloading the truck.  Later today I will join him, and we will be residents of McAlester, OK.

Wow, that’s a lot too.

You know, even though we know we were needing to relocate, it’s still surreal now that it’s finally happening.  I almost feel lost.  I hope later today when I step into our new home, I feel found.  I pray my children will feel instantly at home.  I pray we will make fast friends.  I pray I will lead worship there soon.  I pray school will be a huge blessing this year.  I pray for our business.  Lord, I need You this morning.

I’ve spent the last month or so, living in the comfort of my parent’s home.  Feeling safe and welcome.  Feeling lavished in love.  Now we head out to make our home again.  I’ve done it many times in our marriage, so I know it will happen, but each time is bitter sweet.

It’s ok to feel the tug of sorrow when you step into the new.  It’s ok to feel what you feel.  But it’s not ok to let that hold you back from connecting today.  It’s not ok, as a parent, to make walking through change so much about how you feel that you neglect tending to the hearts God gave you to parent.

Today I will feel what I feel, but I will not lash out at others.  If I cry, then I cry.  But I will end it all with laughter.

When I lead worship this morning, I will intently focus on my Daddy.  I think it is so Sovereign that He has me leading on this particular morning.  I actually can’t believe His grace in that.  Worship realigns me.  Leading worship for a crowd, is part of my calling.  Leading worship this particular morning feels like  a promise.

There were several times over this last week when I thought about backing out and not doing it, but I felt the Spirit saying I should.  Several people looked at me in shock when they heard I was leading on the same weekend I was moving 2 hours away from here, but my spirit bore witness to the calling of God.

For such a time as this, I will give God the sacrifice of praise.  There is no better way to end this season.



Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess His name.  Hebrews 13:15

He has brought me to the banquet hall, and let His banner over me be love.  Song of Solomon 2:4