Day 228: Breaking the Poverty Spirit (August 16)

Some of you may have noticed that our family just moved into a new home in Oklahoma.  When things began to breakthrough for us, I felt God nudging me to share.  In the past, I was hesitant to share things like this because I didn’t want anyone to misread my heart.  My heart in this is not one of boasting and pride, instead it’s a very tender and previously broken place that leads me to now share our abundant blessings.  When I post the pictures and updates of our breakthrough, I am always feeling so broken and blessed at the same time.  “Why is this?”, you may be asking.  Well friend, it’s because for most of my life I was held captive to a poverty spirit.

This spirit followed me around even as a small child and I felt like I would never amount to much and I definitely never thought I would have much.  I remember thinking those were the facts about my life.  I didn’t realize it, but the enemy attacked me in such a way because God had a different plan.

As I’ve mentioned before, I know many believers move so far away from the “prosperity gospel” that they become engulfed in a self-deprecating form of false humility that embraces poverty in life as a form of holiness.  That’s interesting to me because in my experience, when God touches a place in my life, it innately becomes abundant.  God has more than enough and He is more than enough.

When I surrendered my emotions to Him, I became transformed and now can navigate situations that I would not have previously been capable of navigating with grace.  That’s abundance.

When Chris and I surrendered our finances to God, we found we always had enough and in time we discovered we had more than enough.  That’s abundance.

When I gave my relationships to God, I discovered I could have such fulfillment in a few close friends.  I realized that I was designed to have intimate friends, therefore my friend “pool” wouldn’t include a large group of people because I can’t maintain that.  Instead, I am good at pouring into a small circle.  This is largely due to the fact that I’m an “all in” personality.  I give all to those I love.  Once I realized I worked this way, I began to have thriving relationships.  That’s abundance.

This brings me back to the shared pictures of our new property and home.  Years ago, God gave Chris and I a certain vision for our future.  It was definitely God, and had not previously been on either of our radars, but God has been showing me that having a stable home to build that dream would be necessary.   First, He began building a firm foundation in our hearts.  Over time He began to manifest outwardly.  Why would I hide that?

Yesterday, He reminded me of the word He long ago spoke to us and He told me, “Lisa, I want you to have a healthy living and financial situation as a foundation for the promise I will build in your lives.”

I will no longer be held captive to poverty, because it’s trying to hold back the plan God has for our lives.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, Who does not change like shifting shadows.  James 1:17