Day 256: The Headwind (September 13)

The other day while I was running, I kept hearing the word “headwind”.  Between miles, I stepped out of my garage and stood in a wind that was blowing.  It was hot, so I was so grateful for the feel of the wind across my face.  Again, I heard the word “headwind”.  Then in my spirit I heard the Lord saying He was the Headwind.  I felt full of hope and joy, then I thought, wait a minute isn’t a headwind a negative thing?  So, I pulled out my phone and looked up the meaning of the word.

Headwind:  A wind having the opposite general direction to a course of movement.

Oh!  It’s not necessarily negative!

I believe many of us, as believers, have been in long seasons of running.  Running when it felt like no relief was there.  As if in the arid desert, we have been parched.  Our skin burned, our hearts heavy, but friend, the Headwind has come.  We have felt like we may never arrive at our finish line, but a season of refreshing is upon us.  A season that will outlast the struggle and lead us into a new encounter with Abba.  A season of refreshing is upon us.

Immediately, I also saw many things that are going on in our world today, particularly in America.  I thought of how over the last decade so much evil has begun to be called good.  Just like scripture stated it would.  I also, saw some more recent political and cultural events that have begun to bring logic and reason back into the mix.  Something beyond political jargon and back to good ole common sense and values.  This is a headwind.

And doesn’t that really sum it up, when you think it through?

So much resistance has been thrown at common sense and personal responsibility.  How is it that those things have become counter-culture?  The obvious answer is, gradually.  Also, it’s been allowed because a majority of us are too busy living our day to day lives and raising families to pay much attention to nonsense.  Have you noticed how the anti-Biblical outcry is largely from those who have never had an actual job and many of them have no family?  Strange isn’t it?

God is in the headwind.  He is stirring His spirit in America.  There is no doubt of His victory, as we have already read the end of the story.  The only mystery for us now, is how exactly it will play out, and when.

But God is in the headwind, bringing about another opportunity for revival across the earth.  To the last minute I believe He will be searching for those who will turn to Him and accept Jesus in their hearts.  It is not His desire that any would perish, but that all have eternal life.  Sadly, some will refuse even to the grave, but that’s no reason to stop loving.  That’s no reason to stop encouraging.  Only God knows who will say “yes” and who will say “no”.  Our job is to spread the gospel, period.

But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.  Matthew 24:34

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.  John 14:6