Day 271: Simple (September 28)

The other day I had this thought, “I am really simple.  I believe what I read in the Bible.  I believe there’s a lot more black and white in the world, than gray.  Most things are simple if you just look at them head-on.”

I thought of the way media and others attempt to muddy our thinking and tilt the perspective from which we observe the happenings in the world, when most of it is a lie.  Apart from God, I can’t fully trust anything.  He will show me what is truth and what is not.  Keep it simple, I will trust in God.

I will not allow my emotions to determine “my truth”.  What is “my truth” anyway?

There is only one Truth Teller.  God tells the truth without fail.  In fact, it is impossible for Him to lie.  So why would I allow others to define truth?  Keep it simple, God is truth.

Over time walking with God, I have discovered things can be so much simpler.  I used to constantly complicate things because I would lose focus on Him and His truth, trading it in for everyone else’s whims.  Now, I often discern the spirit behind someone’s statements and then decide whether to give it my ear or turn away.  I am always looking for God in and around others.  Keep it simple, look for God.

God’s truth, even hard truth, still carries peace.  It still carries hope.  If you are believing things that don’t lead to hope and peace, then I am concerned you are not hearing from Him.  Be aware.  Be deliberate.  Your mind is a battlefield, and you must be purposeful in protecting yourself.  Only you know what you can and cannot listen to without being robbed of peace.  Only you can determine what music is ok for you to sing in your mind throughout the day without letting your heart be affected negatively.  So, it’s up to you to guard yourself from the things that are specifically harmful for you, without worrying what others think about it.  Keep it simple, God is peace.

I don’t normally broadcast it, but I really can’t listen to much secular music.  The reason is, music stirs me in the deepest places, so I must be diligent to protect myself.  I am a worshiper first and foremost, so I know this is a sensitive area for me.  Is everyone else affected that way?  No.  So, I don’t need to worry about pushing my agenda on others, but I also don’t let others coax me into letting my guard down in that way.  Does this make sense?  Keep it simple, I was made to worship, and I will only worship God.

You must know yourself enough to protect your heart.  You are not responsible for pushing that agenda on others.  However, as a parent, I am also responsible for noticing and being aware if my kids are sensitive to certain things and training them to take heed of those reservations.  I am to lead them to guard their own hearts, and I am to help guard them until they are mature enough to do so on their own.

It’s really simple, follow God, listen to His voice, heed His direction, and don’t worry about what others think.  Keep it simple.

But I, by Your great mercy, will come into Your house; in reverence will I bow down toward Your holy temple.  Let me, O Lord, in Your righteousness because of my enemies- make straight Your way before me.  Psalm 5:7-8