Day 350: Breath of Life (Dec 16)

Lord, breathe Your breath of life over each one of us today.  Let us rise up singing Your praises for You alone are worthy of all praise.  You alone set the earth upon its foundations.  You alone spoke everything into existence.  You alone are the breath of life.  You alone.  God, I seek to honor You today.

God grabbed me.  God’s Spirit took me up and set me down in the middle of an open plain strewn with bones.  He led me around and among them- a lot of bones!  There were bones all over the plain- dry bones, bleached by the sun.  He said to me, “Son of man, can these bones live?”  I said, “Master God, only You know that.”  He said to me, “Prophesy over these bones: ‘Dry bones, listen to the Message of God!’”  God, the Master, told the dry bones, “Watch this: I’m bringing the breath of life to you and you’ll come to life.  I’ll attach sinews to you, put meat on your bones, cover you with skin, and breathe life into you.  You’ll come alive and you’ll realize that I am God!”  Ezekiel 37:1-6

God is here now to breathe life into the dry bones upon the earth.

Why did God breathe life into those bones in Ezekiel?  To create an army!

God is here today to breathe life into our dry bones because He is assembling an army.  Our time has come, the battle is here, we must receive His breath of life if we are to survive this battle.  We must receive His breath of life if we are to be made ready for war!

Our time is now.  The time has come.

Let this devotional be a clarion call to the assembling troops.

Remember we are not few, we are many.  Don’t forget all of the unseen warriors…..

And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.”  Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.  2 Kings 6:17

I know sometimes we see all the enemies gnashing teeth and we feel intimidated and as if we are few, but that is another trick.  It is a lie.  We are many.  We are accompanied by angel armies and we will win this war!

Do you believe it?  Are you ready?

Lord, make us ready.  Steady our hearts and make us bold and courageous.  Remove the hangnail of fear from our lives.  Lord, open our eyes to see Your army surrounding us.  Let our hearts be full of the war cry of victory, as I am certain You have already won this war!  I will stand.  And if I become weak, I know You will surround me, and I will stand still.  Lord, I am Yours, in Jesus name, Amen.