Deeper Introduction

Hi friends!

It’s been quite a while since we last met here.  I am very excited to begin the journey of “deeper”…..

This year I plan to intentionally push and be pulled deeper into God’s heart, to allow Him to do the work only He can do. But He will only do it if I’m willing…So this is my “Yes”.  I hope that you will also allow His loving gaze to fall upon your heart as He begins to paint a clearer picture of His affections upon you.

God, my heart’s greatest desire is to know You better.  Come and know me Lord.  Come and make Yourself better known to me.  Oh, how I love our relationship, Abba.  You are worthy of the very best that I have to offer, so right now, in this moment I offer You my heart.  Navigate it as You please.  Mold it as You see fit, for only You know where I am going.  Only You have seen the sum of my days on earth already.  I am a willing vessel.  I surrender now to You completely.  In Jesus name, Amen.

And so, it begins

P.S.  This year I will be taking all the pictures for each day’s devotional…..So please be gracious to me.