Deeper Day 129: The Eye of the Storm

The other day while I was at the track, I was thinking about how peaceful I’ve been feeling. Then I thought of the way I’ve walked in peace for many years now. Then I had a beautiful vision.

I saw a giant, wild storm all around, but there I was walking in the center of the storm surrounded by a capsule of peace. There was no wind or rain within that capsule. I was being held in perfect peace.

This is how we can all walk through the storms of life. God offers us this luxury when we make the decision to walk in the pace of the Holy Spirit. To keep this pace, we must be willing to not charge ahead, and to not lag behind.

What I’ve felt lately while watching the world is this, the Holy Spirit is saying, “Come out!” yet in their fear many are remaining huddled down.

Friends, when we become hobbled with fear and fall out of step with Holy Spirit, we reach the end of the grace we’ve been walking in. To remain in that grace, we must stay in tempo with Him. We shouldn’t charge forward or lag behind but remain steady.

I believe in being steady. God is steady. Even when God is moving rapidly there is a steadiness to the motion. When he is moving slower, there is still a steadiness to it all.

When I go somewhere and begin to feel the swirl that exists there, I choose to step back, find the center of His Spirit and move forward in Him. You see, we can keep our peace no matter where we are and no matter who we are around. His Spirit within us is greater than anything in the world.

Prayer Moment: Are you feeling controlled by fear or kept in peace? This is an important question to continually ask yourself. We must check in with our hearts on a regular basis, especially if this is a newer concept. We do everyone a favor when we maintain our own heart. It is the well-spring of life and from it flows all that we do and say. We honor God when we honor the process of maintaining a healthy heart. From that healthy heart, peace has a stronger foundation in our everyday lives. I pray you find that peace today.

Lord, You establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished You have done for us. Isaiah 26:12

He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Great is our Lord and mighty in power; His understanding has no limit. The Lord sustains the humble but casts the wicked to the ground. Proverbs 147:4-6

My son, preserve sound judgment and discernment, do not let them out of your sight; they will be life for you, an ornament to grace your neck. Then you will go on your way to safety, and your foot will not stumble; when you lie down you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked, for the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being snared. Proverbs 3:21-26