Deeper Day 203: Scattered

Have you felt scattered lately? I feel like it’s easy to begin to feel that way, especially in the summer. So much of our schedule has been thrown out the window. It’s probably more aggravated right now though, because we were mostly unprepared for the lengthier than usual upending of our daily routines and schedules. This scattered feeling can lead to us forgetting what’s most important if we aren’t careful.

Here are some things to remember.

Find some sort of schedule to keep. Even if it’s just a basic framework for your days. When I know I will begin my day with quiet time, breakfast and then exercise, etc. it makes the day feel so much more productive.

Keeping quiet time sacred, even in this season, is supremely important. We must continue to meet with our heavenly Father every single day if we are to weather this life and continue to grow and thrive in all things.

Don’t take family for granted. With all this extra time spent at home, it can be easy to simply feel annoyed with the people closest to you. They are ever present. It can feel like a lot sometimes. But we must press into God and find ways to remember what a gift they are, every day. Our spouses and children are gifts from God. Gifts that many wish they had, but don’t. We would do well to remember that on the regular.

Don’t forsake the assembly. During the summer it can be easy to find excuses not to join church members for various meetings, but it hasn’t stopped being important. Let me also take this moment to say that God directed this to happen, so I will fear no virus when I meet my church family. God called us to get together, He will protect us. We have nothing to fear.

Look for ways to grow. During this extended downtime I have been pressing into several different creative outlets, I encourage you to do the same. Whatever it is that excites and stretches you, go do that thing regularly. I have found such life and joy in pressing into creativity! When I am pushing into that part of my heart, and God’s, I don’t think about all the other things. It’s like a big release valve. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Prayer Moment: And as I press in to each one of these categories, I feel the scattered mind melt away and God focus washes over me again. Then I know I’m held. I’m safe. I have nothing to fear. I will make it through this. God has a plan. He is still sovereign. He knows where you are going, and He’s not surprised by anything. Press into His heart over you today and ask Him to bring some focus to your daily life again.

For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace-.   1 Corinthians 14:33a