Deeper Day 218: Masks Unmasked

If you wear a mask, fine. If you don’t, fine. This devotional isn’t about shaming. This is just an encounter I personally had with God that led me to really become firm on knowing and walking with only the Spirit of God and not the spirit of fear. Just bear with me and we will walk into a deeper understanding of things. And by the end of this writing, you will see that whether you wear a mask or don’t, you can speak health over yourself and that’s what matters most.

Masks bother me. From the start I felt something far greater than simply a health issue. The masks represent something spiritual to me. The one time I saw my daughters wearing them I felt chocked up inside that I was leading them straight into oppression. Does this sound extreme? Maybe, but let me lend my perspective to this. Masks have triggered some deep places inside of me.

When I was growing up I was without a voice. There was never anyone to listen to me. My opinion didn’t feel valued and as a verbal processor, I was very pent up without a single person to talk things out with. So, when I discovered my voice and began to release it, I found such great freedom. With that history, I have been strongly leading my children to learn the art of communication. I work hard to make room for them to speak freely to me. I would fight for their ability to be heard. These are the things that are stirred within me when I see masks.

Yet, I still felt another deep nagging toward mask wearing and still couldn’t pinpoint it. I kept asking God, “Why do I feel so strongly against forced masks? Am I completely rebellious? What’s wrong with me?” Then God showed me. I refuse to partner with sickness. When they require masks, they say, “You wear a mask because you may be sick and not know it.” This was yet another trigger for me. I am healthy. God keeps me walking in consistent health. I don’t fear sickness, and I refuse to pretend that I may be sick by wearing a mask.

Does any of this begin to bring a new perspective to you?

While I love people, I found it truly offensive to be required to pretend I may be carrying something that I am not carrying.

So where does this leave me now? School is starting and masks may be required. Our city narrowly passed a mandate, in spite of us only having 11 cases.  What am I going to do now?

I’ve been praying heavily about it, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

If I am ever in a situation where I have no choice but to wear a mask, or to put one on one of my children, then I will speak first. “I am well.” “You are well.” If it is necessary for me to mask up, then I will first pray up. I will partner with the Voice of truth and proclaim that I am well first.

Prayer Moment: Every day we have a choice. Will we partner with the lie or with the truth? I am healthy and strong. I already speak this over myself every day. Now, I will just be extra intentional to do so. As we’ve been learning, our words are important, so I will remember that and on purpose speak life, health and power over my children. What are you declaring every day?

Keep me safe, O God, for in You I take refuge. Psalm 16:1