Deeper Day 313: Sovereign God

Today a deer ran into the back side of my suburban. I had just dropped 3 kids off for a party at a friend’s house, and Hannah and I were heading home. She had been in the very back seat (exactly where the deer hit) but asked to move to the front for the ride home and thankfully I agreed. As we took our exit to head home, we suddenly heard a bursting of glass. It kinda sounded like a bomb went off, honestly. At first, we were both very disoriented and couldn’t figure out what had happened, but then I saw a deer flying across the road, in my side mirror.

It was shocking how disorienting this event was. In the 5 seconds after it happened…I wondered if someone had shot at us, wondered if something exploded, felt completely vulnerable and scared and then the truth could be seen. A dumb deer, which must have been leaping, hit my rear drivers side window at full force the exact second I drove past. The only dents in the suburban were on the left and right of the window.

I pulled over and called 911, and they were very kind to my frazzled self. They reassured me that everything was ok and sent me home as they dispatched an officer to go make sure the deer wasn’t laying in the middle of the road. At home, I immediately called my insurance. They were also extraordinarily nice to me. Even saying, “This is one of those praise Jesus moments.” When I recounted all the ways God had protected Hannah and me.

The bottom line is what could have been a true tragedy ended up showcasing God’s sovereign protection over our lives.

Not only had Hannah moved to the front seat, but the deer hit just after my window was past it. I too could have been severely injured and the suburban in far worse condition. Also, I couldn’t remember what my insurance deductible was, so imagine the wave of relief I felt when I heard I had a zero deductible. ZERO! Then a friend pointed out that it was a blessing that I was driving a suburban. Friends, when that deer hit me, the car didn’t even swerve. I didn’t know anything would be hitting me, so I didn’t have any time to brace for impact. Instead, my vehicle did it for me. It was all miraculous, from beginning to end.

God watches over us. This is a moment to proclaim that fact, not the inconveniences that are occurring. This event has been wrapped in sovereignty from beginning to end, and I am grateful. Life is genuinely about perspective. I could complain and feel sorry for myself, but from the first moment I decided to praise God. I also noticed that my children, who were so scared by this event, kept coming to me and telling me all the ways God had watched over us. They kept signaling His covering. In their minds, we are so blessed. Thank You God, for creating a legacy like that in my family.

Prayer Moment: God, I am so thankful for the ways you protect us. Thank You for entering into the times when the enemy tries to complicate our lives and making it easier. Thank You for holding us in Your protective hand. Thank You for making my every breath a hallelujah. I will praise You in all things and at all times. You are worthy. I love You Abba. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man. Psalm 112:4