Deeper Day 351: No Lies

This world has become a web of lies. What is the purpose? Why would so many groups be coming together to facilitate a lie?

Power and Control.

The façade of pushing the socialist agenda is all about those who have power wanting to remain in power. They are blinded by it and satisfied only by obtaining more of it.

We are in a season of truth, believe it or not. Does that statement seem contradictory to the previous one? Well, it’s not. The reason I know we’re in a season of truth is because so many lies are being revealed. You see, for years and years the lies have been there, and people were slaves to them. One reason people were so enslaved to them was because they didn’t know they were lies. The deceptions were being woven like a web and many willingly crawled into the web because it had the appearance of something good and beautiful. It had the appearance of unity. Now that they are in the web, they can see they are trapped. What was boasted as unity is actually unrelentingly divisive. What many thought was good, now reveals it has the heart of evil.

God’s truth is the only truth. There is no such thing as personal truth. That’s a uniquely crafted deception of the enemy, bent on enticing people into that same web of lies. The web where one day they will discover they’ve been enslaved in something they never meant to be involved in.

Friends, this is a season to lean into truth and stand firm. We must be as unrelenting as the forces of darkness. We are on the side of God when we stand on truth. We have the ultimate victory, so why not act like it?

One reason the opposing forces riot, yell and demand is because the enemy knows he’s already defeated. He knows he has nothing to truly stand upon. He’s built a castle made of sand, and when the wave of glory comes, all his work will be washed away. His days are numbered, and he knows in the end God and His people will have the victory. It makes him so mad. It should make us feel so strong.

Remember what side you stand on. Remember where this is all headed. Give all you have on this earth so you can openly embrace your heavenly reward, as you finally see God face to face and hear those words we all long to hear. “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Prayer Moment: God, help me stay strong to the end. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

In the Lord I take refuge. How then can you say to me: “Flee like a bird to your mountain. For look, the wicked bend their bows; they set their arrows against the strings to shoot from the shadows at the upright in heart. When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord is on His heavenly throne. He observes the sons of men; His eyes examine them. The Lord examines the righteous, but the wicked and those who love violence His soul hates. On the wicked He will rain fiery coals and burning sulfur; a scorching wind will be their lot. For the Lord is righteous; He loves justice; upright men will see His face. Psalm 11