The Fountain Day 47: What if we would just believe Him?

This is Day 2 of our Jericho walk. 

Do you believe the Word of the Lord?  Not just prophetic words you’ve received, but the Bible.  God has given us every reason to believe He is Truth, yet we struggle to believe. 

I am just remembering a favorite old church song I learned years and years ago…

Every promise in the Book is mine.  Every chapter, every verse, every line.  All are blessings of His love divine.  Every promise in the Book is mine.

Today is a walk of believing…

Every word He has spoken is true…Every word He spoke in the Bible and all the words He’s spoken to you personally.  God is real.  The miracles in the Bible happened…miracles still happen, every day.  The prophesies all through the Bible have either already been proven as true or are seeming to unfold before our eyes.  How can we not believe Him?

Remember yesterday I spoke of growing silent, and we committed to not speak a single negative word.  Today I want to couple that with belief. 

Maybe your “belief muscle” is sore from overuse, from long waiting.  Maybe your “belief muscle” is weak from not being used in a long time.  Whatever the case, it’s time to exercise again!  Exercise your muscle of BELIEVING.

Some may be saying, “I don’t know how to believe or to show I’m believing.”  Well, it all begins with your words.  We let go of negativity yesterday, so today speak life.  Simply say, “God, I believe You.  I believe everything You have spoken to me.  I believe every promise You’ve made over my life and my family.”  Then pray…

Immediately, the boys father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”  Mark 9:24

Right now, I had a vision of Rahab, and I remembered how she plead not only for her life to be spared, but also her entire family.  She was told as long as they were in her house, they would all be saved.  This is God’s word over you right now.  You can believe right now, not only for yourself, but also for your family to receive the fullness of promise.  Don’t get distracted and only pray for your family but continue to walk around your wall and also remember you can believe for theirs to fall when yours does.

Help me in my unbelief God!!!  Break the chains of unbelief.  Breathe over my life and ignite the flames of faith in my heart and mind.  Bring my spirit and flesh into agreement with Your Word.  I know You can do it.  I believe in Your miracles and Your promises for others easily.  Today I take a stand and say, “I believe in Your goodness over my own life.”  I receive every good and perfect gift You have laid aside for me, in Jesus’ name.  I surrender any fragments of unbelief and command my heart to be in alignment with You.  I DO believe.  Remove all unbelief and bring me into the fertile land of the Lord.  Thank You in advance for my breakthroughs, and breakthrough for my entire family line.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.  Mark 11:24

Simply believe.