The Fountain Day 55: Signet Ring

Signet Ring:  A seal used officially to give personal authority to a document in lieu of signature.

We are in a season of the signet ring.  The time when we are to be like softened wax that is ready to receive the seal of God and then be sent out to release the authority of God on the earth.  He is giving some of us the authority to speak…we’ve been tongue tied, but He is loosing our tongues.  It’s time to speak out and speak up.  The spirit of witchcraft and intimidation has caused far too many of us to remain quiet for far too long.  We were meant to boldly proclaim the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are supposed to be occupying territories and winning wars in the spirit.  We are meant to be the head and not the tail, before and not behind…but we have been behind for too long.  The version of the “church” I’ve grown up in is largely powerless, fearful and ashamed of the authority we are meant to operate under.  We have become people pleasing and not God fearing.  We have caved to the tantrums of the enemy, instead of the peace of God…which surpasses understanding.  Because of all this the enemy has very clearly been speaking out of turn…not even hiding his agenda anymore.  He’s boldly speaking up in chaos and confusion…that’s what his voice releases…chaos, fear, insanity, etc.  But God’s voice is indisputable.  His voice brings clarity, peace and is the only voice with true authority. 

One main difference between the voice of the enemy and voice of God is that the enemy’s voice has no natural authority…it only seeks agreement and then it takes territory from that agreement…but God’s voice carries authority in it.  God’s words do not return void.  God created the world and everything in it through His word.  God’s word has creative ability, in and of itself, and the Spirit bears witness to it…so it carries agreement.

There is nothing more powerful than God.  No word of the enemy will ever carry even a portion of the power of God’s word.  Remember that next time the enemy speaks death over your life.    

With this thought in mind, I want you to consider every idle word spoken over your life.  Now in an act of open defiance to the enemy, take that word and throw it on the ground and stomp on it! Yes, I mean for you to literally imagine yourself holding those negative words in your hand and then throwing them to the ground and literally stomping on them. 

You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.  Psalm 91:13

It’s time to step up higher, and step into the stream of God’s word.  His life breathing word.  His chain breaking words.  His power in word form.  Agree with what’s real….God’s word. 

“On that day”, declares the Lord Almighty, “I will take you, my servant Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel,” declares the Lord, “and I will make you like my signet ring, for I have chosen you,” declares the Lord Almighty.  Haggai 2:23

God, I will never again believe the lies of the enemy.  Help my heart be so steeped in the truth that the enemy’s words have no ability to grow roots within me.  Forgive me, Lord, for anytime I’ve believed the enemy more than You.  I know Your word is truth.  Keep my heart in alignment with You and what You say, both over me and over the world.  May Your ways be my ways.  Give me the mind of Christ so I can discern the truth from a lie.  I love You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.