The Fountain Day 80: Dirt

I see myself in a large field.  I’m bending down and I dig my fingers into the dirt and pull up a handful.  When I lift it up to my nose, I breathe in the smell of it.  It smells fresh, new, and healthy.  It’s good soil.  The color is rich brown, and it has a healthy amount of moisture.  I wonder, is this what God experienced when He scooped up the dirt and made Adam?  I am in a new garden.  A new territory.  Surveying the land and seeing that it is good.  I am at rest.  The sun is bright above me and I feel the winds of change blowing over me.  As I turn my face toward the sky, the sun carries an expectation of good things coming.  Like a guest that I’m expecting to arrive at any moment…come Holy Spirit and fill our land with Your presence. 

As winter seems to drag on and the expectation of spring seems to flirt with us through the constant changing of temperature, I feel the harvest.  I feel the spring and summer.  I am feeling three seasons at once, just as I have prayed.  I mentioned in my devotionals a couple of weeks ago, in a prayer, that I was asking God to release multiple seasons over us at once because they had been delayed so long.  Now as I stand in the vision He’s giving me, I feel them converging.

As I look out upon the land of my vision and dreams, I am aware that much work is coming.  A time of a particular kind of busyness is coming.  One that connects us to the Father and to nature more.  A busyness that carries the breath of God and ushers in a closer walk with Holy Spirit.  A busyness that is home.  Becoming stewards of land.  Learning and growing and transforming into the creations He desires us to become. 

God’s breath is on home right now.  His heart is family.  Can you feel it?  Do you hear it too?

Everywhere I look, I see Him directing those who listen, to reconnect with simple.  To re-establish home.  To restore the family dinner table and a slower tempo of life.  To farm and learn the land that He blessed us with so long ago.  The land Adam and Eve worked. 

Our family has been feeling the call to have a farm for many years.  We’ve dreamed together about this since we first heard the call.  Our collaborative goal has been to buy and work a farm…to have animals and grow food…to have space to hunt, roam, and live.  This dream has sustained us through our various seasons.  That dream feels closer than ever, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

I know our dream isn’t everybody’s dream, and that’s ok.  It still doesn’t change the fact that God is all about families, especially in this season. 

Change is coming.  A return to Center.  I can feel it in my bones.  Our original design is crying out to heaven.  Who we were originally created to be, in the secret place, is beating like a drum from our hearts.  Can you hear it?  Do you perceive it? 

Today, I encourage you to look deep within yourself.  Ask God where He is leading you.  Think outside the box and don’t be afraid…just listen.  It’s almost like God’s speaking at a different frequency now and we must be intentional to tune our ears to His voice.  Are you willing? 

Lord, I can feel You moving today.  Thank You for Your mercy.  I surrender to change.  I surrender to things that are outside my zone of comfort and box of knowing.  I am looking to You the Author of creativity and asking You to download Your heart into mine.  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.  Genesis 2:7

The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever. Psalm 37:29