The Fountain Day 118: Our land will yield its bountiful harvest

Sometimes, while living out the day to day life, it can feel like harvest may never come.  All the obstacles we face each day or month can come together and feel like a mill stone hanging over our necks.  The mistakes, failures, disappointments…can seem to threaten to drown us…but we have this promise.

Unfailing love and truth have met together.  Righteousness and peace have kissed!  Truth springs up from the earth, and righteousness smiles down from heaven.  Yes, the Lord pours down His blessings.  Our land will yield its bountiful harvest.  Righteousness goes as a herald before Him, preparing the way for His steps.  Psalm 85:10-13

His unfailing love and truth meet together.  His righteousness and peace kiss.  He pours down blessings.  It’s just Who He is.  He is a God Who blesses His people.  He loves to do it.  He makes infinite possibilities for it to happen.  He leads us to blessings, through blessings, from blessings.  Everywhere we look we can find hidden blessings.  When we recount our days, we will see how each one was wrapped in blessing. 

The only question is, will you notice?

We are so abundantly blessed even on our worst days…it’s just that some of us don’t notice it.  Others take it for granted.  But there are those who look upon each day and desire to see…truly see…how very blessed we are. 

Have you ever met a person who seemed incapable of admitting good things happened to them?  I have.  Those people, regardless of what God has done in their lives, for some reason refuse to not focus on their perceived lack.  It’s so frustrating to speak with them.  In fact, I think we are wise to maintain some distance from them, lest their ungrateful hearts begin to influence ours.

I don’t ever want to be that way.  I always want to be able to see and receive the many blessings of God.  They say that whatever you focus on will become your reality.  We decide what to magnify in our lives.  Will we magnify the bounty of God or the bounty of our fear of lack?

Finding abundance is always possible.  Even in our families very lean times, we found great abundance.  Abundance of relationship blessings, abundance in being blessed by others generosity, abundance in our walk with God.  There is always good to be found.

Choose this day what you will serve…the God of abundance or the god of lack.  It’s truly that simple…and it all begins in the mind and heart. 

God, I surrender my heart and mind to you now.  I choose to see You in all things today.  Where You are, I am assured to find blessing.  Thank You for loving us enough to bless us in all things.  You are such a gracious Father.  Blow over our land.  Increase our harvest.  May Your angels come and assist us as we gather.  May Your people be anointed to lead with bounty.  Divorcing ourselves from lack, let us embrace the reality of abundance as You transfer the wealth of the wicked to Your people.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.