The Fountain Day 191: Angry

I am angry today.  How’s that for honest?

I am angry at a lot of things that I don’t really have control over.  I am angry at so many unjust things.  Angry with the enemy of my soul.  Angry with delay.  Angry with defeat.  Angry with the thief.

America should be a safe and free place, yet our government is actively sabotaging us.  Our family is still fighting to regain financial footing after having our industry sabotaged by government…only to now see injustice perpetrated by our own government at the gas pump…it feels like insult added to injury. 

Sometimes I feel trapped.  When I feel trapped, I begin to feel like a lioness that is ready to attack.  Ready to attack anyone who comes to attempt to take away any more of our life, livelihood, or freedom. 

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.  Ephesians 4:26

The Bible shows us that anger happens, it’s what we do with it that matters most.  We can’t sin in it.  So, what do we do?  What do you do on days that you simply feel fed up and mad?

Well, first we can just be honest with God.  He already knows how we feel.  He sees it all.  Jesus got angry while on the earth, it’s not like He doesn’t get it.  He only tells us not to sin in our anger. 

Far too often, we try to mask our anger and hide it away as some sort of false righteousness.  What is the point of this?  We are all human, and none of us will ever be perfect.  We serve the Lord best when we come before Him with honesty. 

Tell God when you’re angry.   Say it out loud.  Give it to Him and then ask Him for His peace.  It’s like a transfer.  We give Him our anger and ask for His peace. 

Anger is always a band-aid for other emotions…and I am fully aware that much of my anger over current events is rooted in fear.  Fear of the future.  Fear of tomorrow…

But God made it clear that we are not to worry about tomorrow…

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.  Matthew 6:34

When I lose sight of today, and what He’s called me to do, then I get fearful and angry.  When my eyes lose focus on God, then negative emotions are always lurking right around the corner. 

One way I see that I’m growing is this…when I feel anger and discouragement, the road back to peace in His presence is much faster than it used to be… I am able to steer back into trust and confidence much more quickly than ever before.  I have also noticed that I’m becoming quicker to see the enemy’s activity in my life, therefore, I’m able to say, “No!”  and reset my heart and mind with the truth. 

We may struggle with this today, but this doesn’t always have to be our struggle…we can grow and be changed.  That’s what I’m working toward…how about you?!

O Lord, do not forsake me; be not far from me, O my God.  Come quickly to help me, O Lord my Savior.  Psalm 38:21-22