The Fountain Day 207: Water of heaven

Recently, I cashed in my birthday and Christmas presents…and Chris’ too, from my parents, in order to buy a Berkey water filter.  You see, we are on rural water that is often brownish in color and also randomly gets turned off without warning while they work on the lines.  More than once, I’ve been in the middle of cooking only to have the water stop.  It’s very frustrating and inconvenient.  That, along with a few personal reasons, caused us to want to get a Berkey water filter…

It was worth it.  We cashed in everything to have it and don’t regret it at all.

The other day, while using the Berkey I thought about all that I wrote above, and then God showed me that’s what we need to do in our relationship with Him every day…Cash it all in for the water…from the well that never runs dry.

He showed me that just like we cashed in everything for ourselves this year, we’ve also done that in our whole lives.  We cashed in all the worldly systems and embraced something better.  Something that weathers any storm and creates solid foundations of family.  We cashed out of “regular, everyday life” and bought into His way of life.  I don’t regret that either.

Still, every day I cash in everything to reach further into His heart, hear Him more, know Him better…my life has become a series of places where I lay it all down to pursue Him wholeheartedly…but isn’t that the way it was always supposed to be?

I believe so.

It took us a long time to get here because we were so distracted.  So caught up in the hamster wheel of the world.  Then when we first stepped off of that wheel, we had to let our heads stop spinning before we could move forward. 

Now there is nothing we won’t trade in, lay down, or release in order to receive the water of heaven.  It’s everything.  It’s worth everything.

Just like the woman at the well, I’ve met the One who knows my whole life…yet, still He loves me.  He pursues me.  He desires to be with me.  He desires to be with you too.  Have you come close to the One Who knows your whole life and still desires you?  I know you’re saved, but have you truly met Him?

Are you ready to cash it all in for Him?  For a chance to know Him better…

By the power of Your hand, O Lord, destroy those who look to this world for their reward.  But satisfy the hunger of Your treasured ones.  May their children have plenty, leaving an inheritance for their descendants.  Because I am righteous, I will see You.  When I awake, I will see You face to face and be satisfied.  Psalm 17:14-15

“Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did.  Could this be the Christ?”  John 4:29