The Fountain Day 277: Training, not failing

I have been very reflective lately.  I’m not fully sure why, but I’m keenly aware that it’s an important part of the journey I’m on.  I have thought through my entire marriage with Chris.  Every decision we’ve made.  Every perceived victory and defeat…I say “perceived” because of what I’m about to say…anyway, I’ve thought through everything.  Every detail. 

While doing this, I began to feel ashamed.  Ashamed of some of our decisions and wondering if they are the reason we’ve been wandering for so long.  I’ve been mad at myself for not figuring things out quicker.  And I could go on and on…

But in the middle of all those thoughts and musings, God spoke to me, “Lisa, you weren’t failing.  You were training.  You were growing up and learning new things.  I am not disappointed with you.  I am not frustrated with you.  I was leading you the whole time.  Don’t be ashamed of your process, be grateful.”

Again, I’m letting those words pour over me like a healing salve.  Thank You, Lord.

Friend, I don’t know where you are in life.  On a mountaintop or in a valley.  In a high point or low.  But I do know one thing, God is there.  He is patiently guiding you through your own process.  Praise the Lord!!

The people of the earth will die like flies, but My salvation lasts forever.  My righteous rule will never end!  Isaiah 51:6b

We are on the winning team! God’s salvation is sure.  His rule will never end.  We can lean on Him. 

Do you trust God enough to allow Him to train you?  Do you have enough courage to look on the past and find the teaching?  Are you humble enough to search for His favor over every moment in your history?  His blessing was there.  His way was making your way.  His word is true. 

Trust Him.  Friend, trust Him in all things, not just easy things.  Trust Him with your past, present, and future.  Trust Him.  Trust His timing.  Trust His favor over your life.  Trust His plan.  Trust.

Trust Him enough to say no to things that He says aren’t good for you, no matter how wonderful they seem.  Trust Him enough to walk away from things that you thought were from Him, but now realize aren’t.  Trust Him to lead you through any and all seasons.  Trust.

Trust and faith.  They are basically the same thing.  They are partners.   

Faith is believing in what you have not yet seen.  Trust is continuing to move forward when you have not yet seen. 

Can you have faith and trust that through your life, you’ve been training not failing?

Rise from the dust, O Jerusalem.  Sit in a place of honor.  Remove the chains of slavery from our neck, O captive daughter of Zion.  Isaiah 51:2