The Fountain Day 294: Lisa

This week, God began to speak my name to me.  While He was doing that, I realized I don’t like hearing my name.  Somehow hearing my name triggers feelings of being in trouble.  It’s like I feel instantly guilty when I hear my name.  I also seem to feel inadequate when I hear it.   I honestly can’t tell you exactly why I respond this way, but I do know that God wants to change that part of me now.

Lisa: Consecrated to God.  God is my oath

Our names prophesy over us.  Mine prophesies that I am set apart for God.  The sound of my name says that I have made my choice to be devoted to God.  What a wonderful name!

I think the consecrated part has been the hardest part for me to receive.  The feeling of impurity used to plague me in my youth and young adult life.  God has restored my purity, now it’s time for Him to restore my name.

I wonder, what does your name mean?  Do you enjoy the sound of your name when people speak it?  Does it illicit a lacking response, like mine has for me? 

Today, I encourage you to discover the meaning of your name, if you don’t already know.  Then stand before God and allow Him to speak your name over you.  What does your name prophesy?

God certainly has become the oath of my life.  My devotion to Him is certain.  I have faced many battles, and multiple defeats, but I remain focused on my oath to God.  Now, I ask God to restore my view of consecration. 

Consecrate: make or declare sacred; dedicate formally to a religious or divine purpose. 

I am sacred to God.  I am His vessel.  To Him I am sacred.  This speaks to value, and I see that even though I’ve fought the battle of restored value before, I am needing to fight it again.  This last season and the things that have occurred and the way certain people treated me, made me feel de-valued.  That’s not from the Lord.

I am not too proud to realize that I need to re-visit this once conquered battle again. 

Friend, I don’t care how many times you’ve faced your current battle…I don’t care how many times you feel you’ve conquered it…please don’t ever be too proud to meet God in that broken place again.  If He is leading you there, then there’s obviously something more to address.  One thing I hate to hear from someone is, “Oh, I’ve forgiven (so and so) for that already.” Or “I’ve already dealt with that.”  What if instead we began saying, “I thought I had dealt with that, but if it’s coming up again, I want to investigate and let God speak to me about it again.”

The humble way is the only way forward.

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”  Joshua 3:5