The Fountain Day 328: Glow stick

While worshiping, I had a clear vision of a glow stick.  I saw that we are like glow sticks in God’s hands.  We have hidden light inside of us that takes breaking and shaking to come to the surface.  I could see Him holding me in His hand, as this glow stick, and could hear the sound that it makes when you begin to crack them in many different places to begin activating them.  Then He shook me, and my light shone so bright. 

This is so real to me.  Can you see it too?

It’s in life’s different seasons of discomfort and shaking that we are made strong and mature.  Those who have been through seasons that crack them and shake them always have a depth that others don’t. 

It’s really a privilege to be intentional given opportunities to grow.  God loves us too much to want us to remain the same forever.  He wants us to know Him better. 

Blessed is the man whom You discipline, O Lord, and whom You teach out of Your law.  Psalm 94:12

He meets us in hard places.  We meet more intimate places within His heart during the hard times.  During the shaking, we meet a Father Who remains.  He is unshakeable.  When we allow Him to break and shake us, then we come out of it unshakeable, because in those times we learn how to better stand on Him alone. 

On Christ the solid rock I stand…all other ground is sinking sand.

We want to be the wise ones who builds our houses on the rocks…not the sand.  This is an intentional decision.  The world is constantly pointing us toward sandy spots…we must let the glow inside of us, the Holy Spirit, lead the way toward our solid ground.    

Heaven and earth will disappear, but My words will never disappear.  Matthew 24:35

God’s word stands firm forever.  Nothing else will last forever.  One day, everything we see will be gone and we will be standing before the One Who created it all.  We really must take hold of this reality.  If we could really believe this, our whole lives would change.  Knowing what’s eternal should shade everything we do.  Everything. 

It can be hard to remember this during our daily lives, but we must.  When you begin your day, start off by focusing on God.  When you serve your family and do whatever work you do in the day, let it be colored by your knowledge of God and eternity.  Invite God to lead you through the day…instead of just going about things on autopilot.  Make the most of life.  Make the most of relationships.  You’ll never regret investing in your relationship with God, your family, and sharing the gospel with anyone God leads you to share with. 

“But in the end, the holy people of the Most High will be given the kingdom, and they will rule forever and ever.”  Daniel 7:18