The Fountain Day 349: Covered by the blood, hidden from sin

I have spent some time lately, reflecting upon what it means to have all my sins forgiven.  You know, Jesus died on the cross before any of us were ever even a thought…He died in advance of our sins…though He already knew them.

He already knew every sin we would commit when He died.  He saved us when we came to Him, though He knew that we would still sin.  It just blows my mind.

What also blows my mind is trying to imagine how God sees me.  I’m always covered in Jesus’ blood.  I believe that when I asked Him into my heart and for forgiveness of all my sins, it was finished. 

I kept having this vision recently…

I saw myself in a sin, yet Jesus’ blood was between me and the Father.  I wondered if this was how God sees us? 

Only God really knows.  That’s the real answer.  But this vision was powerful.  I can’t get it out of my head. 

I then imagined that every time I sinned, God saw my innocence instead…as far as…what wounding I was acting out from, what level of maturity He was working out within me at the time…the things that show where my heart really is in that moment. 

Does this make sense?

At different times, I’ve had different levels of understanding and have been in differing stages of process…working things out while trying to move further from sinful ways…yet, still sinning in one way or another.

These are all complex thoughts, I know.  But they are provoking none the less.

None of this is me condoning sin.  None of this is me saying we shouldn’t try to lead blameless and holy lives.  All I’m saying is that sometimes I wonder.  I wonder about the covering Jesus provides and if I truly am understanding it fully. 

I know this is a good thing to process because it always leads me to Jesus.  It leads me to my dire need of Him.  Any thought process that reminds us of our desperate need for Jesus, seems like a good thought process to me.  It is good to be reminded of His absolute greatness.  He is so loving and kind.

God, I ask that You forgive all of my sins…those I know of and even any that are hidden.  Please forgive my unbelief and lack of faith.  Forgive my stubbornness.  Forgive my doubt.  Forgive my frustration.  Forgive me of anytime that I have been ungrateful.  Thank You for the cross.  Thank You for pouring Yourself out for me.  I adore You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you and your hope will not be cut off.  Proverbs 24:14