The Fountain Day 362: Beware of leeches

Are you aware that there are people who are cooperating with a leeching spirit? 

They are the people who are never satisfied; whether it’s access to you, time you spend in ministry with them or working for them, exploiting your giftings, taking your money, etc.  Leeches are very real. 

Those who leech time are so prevalent because the more the enemy can leech from your time, the more distracted from your home you become.  You can’t do it all.  You just can’t.  We weren’t meant to do it all.  It’s a lie we’ve been told, to believe we can have it all and do it all.

The leeching spirit is never satisfied.  No demonic spirit is, but this particular spirit is focused on depletion.  Our government struggles with this spirit, a lot. 

Think about it…the liberal line is never satisfied.  Never.  It always wants more.  There will never be a way to satisfy it.  That spirit is after your freedom.  If it is able to take that, it still won’t be satisfied…it’ll want more.  Once freedom is gone, the arm of control will never stop picking away at your life. 

This is a really big deal.

We must learn to identify and then eradicate this leech.  Then no matter what, stand in opposition to it.  Resist it and pull completely free of it. 

We can’t allow the leeching spirit to take away our children’s future. 

In the church we must eradicate the leech.  We are to serve God, not the leeches hunger.  Our service should be solely at the direction of Jesus, not a culture of busyness.  So many churches take and take…with very little genuine giving.  I’ve also seen too many times, a church culture that demands honoring the pastor’s families and priorities, but not yours.  That’s out of order.  Nobody is more important than others and each family is a priority to itself.

In our friendships we must oppose the leeches.  God, family, and everything else…that should be the order of priority.  Too often, friends come in and demand time that we don’t have.   A true friend will honor your top two priorities.  A true friend will also be honoring those priorities in their own life. 

It’s our individual responsibility to steer clear of leeches.  We would be wise to do so and suffer if we don’t. 

I encourage you to examine this subject in reference to your own life.  If you see evidence of leeches, then repent and cut soul ties with such things.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have relationship with people who have been operating this way (though sometimes you should), it simply means that you will have to put real boundaries in place.  This is so healthy.  So necessary. 

The leech has two suckers that cry out, “More, more!”  Proverbs 30:15