Day 9: The Sea of Forgiveness (January 9)

While running and worshiping one morning, I had a very clear vision.

I saw God split the sea and make it dry land before me, then as I walked through….Like Moses, I saw the water crash back in behind me, but without getting me wet at all and He said, “When you choose to step out into my sea of forgiveness, I will wash all remembrance of those sins away.  You only need to keep moving forward.”

Then I saw a group of people standing on the shore at the edge of the sea where He had parted the waters and they were afraid to step into it.  They were not trusting that it was as good as it “appeared”.  They were afraid the waters would crash in on them if they walked out.  Then I saw behind those people, Pharoah and his many troops.  He and his troops had no power over the people, but were behind them in a threatening manner trying to evoke fear.

WOW!  This is so accurate, I believe.  So many of us struggle with the idea that Christ forgives all of our sins, so we stay in fear….of our own accord.  What a glorious day it is when we choose to trust God is as good as He appears to be!!! He is all He has said He is and will do ALL that He said He would do.  We just need to move toward Him.

(I actually typed the words above 5 months before I wrote the rest of this)

I was summoned for jury duty earlier this year.  On that Monday I went to the courthouse for the selection process.  On the way, God made it very clear I would be chosen.  I just walked in agreement although I was very curious as to why He would be doing that.  Just as He said, I was chosen and told to report for the trial on Wednesday.

The responsibility of being partially responsible for issuing justice was a huge and sobering feeling.  I tossed and turned the night before, speaking to God about it all and wanting to make sure I would know what was true.  Throughout the day, as I listened and observed all of the proceedings, I kept having glimpses of Heaven.  I could see our accuser (satan) bringing his case before the King and listing out our many crimes.  I could see him weaving manipulation to try and deceive the One Who can never be deceived.  I saw him trying to force us into submission by piling on one after another reason for us to be unworthy of a pardon.  Then I saw the swift and clear hand of Justice sweep over the room. I saw that even in earthly court proceedings, we behave with reverence, and honor the system and God. How much more then will we respond at the throne of Heaven?  It was awe inspiring, to say the least.

Late in the day, after many testimonies and tiring hours I asked God again, “Why am I here? What did You want to show me?”

Then He showed me…..I saw the judgment day.  I saw the unbelievers being judged and then I saw the believers judgment come.  Then He said to me, “Lisa, I forgave your sins and then kept no recollection of them.  How then could you be held in judgment of something I have forgotten?”  In a flash, I began to refocus all that I see through this new clarity.

Jesus died for ALL of my sins way before I was even born.  How arrogant of me to keep feeling burdened by the past and afraid of making mistakes in the future when Jesus died for ALL of it in advance.  Now, I am walking redeemed!  I am like a child learning to walk and run and I don’t need to fear the falls!  I only need to trust He will continually set me on the right path.  If I veer off the wrong way, I can trust He will reset me.  I only need to continually come into His Presence and allow Him access to my heart.  I hide nothing from Him.  I tell Him every day that I give Him full access to all of me.  When I make a mistake, I bring it straight to Him and show it to Him.  Doing this has brought me so much freedom and has really helped me to further understand the grace that I live under.  I am only to remain childlike before Him….Trusting Him.

Today, I ask you if you have truly absorbed the fullness of forgiveness that Jesus paid for at the cross.  Have you come to a place where you are so confident in the height, width and depth of His love and forgiveness that you have stopped striving for His love and have surrendered to knowing that He has never been looking for perfection He only wants your heart.  He’s looking for willingness.  He’s looking for those who can fully recognize that on our own we can do nothing, but in partnership with Him there is NOTHING we cannot do!  He alone is the key.  He alone is Judge.  Who are you to even judge yourself?  No, He alone is Judge.  The only requirement for full forgiveness of sins is surrendering to Jesus and giving Him a home in your heart.  There is no striving in His love.

Take a moment and search your heart.  Are there any stones of unforgiveness that have been left to create a blockage in your heart?  If you have accepted Jesus into your heart, then you also have His Holy Spirit inside, and stones of unforgiveness (even unforgiveness toward yourself) can block Him from moving freely inside and through you.

Lord, right now I ask that You would show me if I have any stones of unforgiveness blocking Your Spirit from moving freely in me.  I pray You would teach me how to forgive, especially myself.  Don’t ever let me have a blind eye to unforgiveness in my life lest bitterness take root.  Let me walk in the freedom of the fullness of your love now and forevermore. In Jesus name, Amen.

But you, why do you judge your brother? Or you again, why do you regard your brother with contempt?  For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God. Romans 14:10

And I saw Heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war.  Revelation 19:11

And Jesus said, “For judgment I came into this world, so that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may become blind.  John 9:39

As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.  Psalm 103:12

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