Day 239: The Word or the Giver (August 27)

Today, God asked me a question, in response to a question I had asked Him.  “What’s more important, the word or the Giver of the word?”  This response shook me and filled me with certainty all at the same time.  I had been talking to God about how one word He gave me a few months ago seemed to be contradicted by another word He gave me more recently.  Since asking it, I have been inundated with sermons and personal words about this subject.  So, here’s what’s going on.

When we were packing up our home in PA, I began asking God what our next step with a home would be.  His response was immediate, “You’ll know what to do once you sell this house.”  So, I felt certain things would progress quickly and then we would see doors open.

That was not the case.  Instead, we have had several lookers at the PA home, but not one offer, as of yet.  When we saw July nearing its end and we knew school began August 8th here, it was certain we needed to find a place to live.  So, I asked again what to do.  Nothing at first.  Then we felt prompted to start looking for a place to rent, so we asked our OK realtor to be on the lookout for a short-term rental for our family.  In my heart, I was wishing we could buy the home we had already found and fallen in love with, but I was holding the first word in my heart and determined not to betray it.  Then something very interesting happened.

Our realtor contacted me and said she hadn’t found any rentals for us, but how would we feel about taking early possession of the home we want to buy and paying rent there until we can sell our PA home and go through with the purchase.  I was immediately delighted and knew God was opening a door.  It’s like in that moment God was saying, “I have heard your heart’s desire and it’s in sync with My heart for you.”

Every step of the negotiation, I asked God to close the door if it was the wrong one, and with every step it became more and more clear this was His doing.  We made an offer for purchase price on the home, and it was accepted!! We negotiated rent, etc., and everything fell into place.  Near the end there were a few minor hiccups, but it was clear that on that end the enemy was very unhappy with this open heaven over us. All the while I continue to hold this step in an open hand and asked God to close the door if it wasn’t right.  I prayed He would protect us from ourselves and from making a poor choice.

Long story short, we moved into the home we will buy when our PA home sells.  We are so happy here and couldn’t feel more blessed.

So, I began to ask God, “Why did You give me that first word, the one to wait?”  For a while I didn’t really hear anything, and suddenly I did.  He gave the first word for a couple of reasons.  One, He didn’t want me to be pre-occupied with a new home while I was needing to focus on tying up loose ends with the old one.  Second, just like Abraham, when he heard God tell him to sacrifice Isaac, I needed to be listening in the present at all times.  That’s what relationship looks like.  Listening for a route change.  It’s really unimportant why He changes the direction, but it IS important that I am close enough to Him and humble enough to hear it and respond accordingly.

My question to you today is, “What’s more important to you, a word you’ve received from the Lord or the Lord Himself?”  Let that question soak into your heart for a bit.  And I pray you are always more focused on God than what He’s doing.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.  I have taken an oath and confirmed it, that I will follow your righteous laws.  Psalm 119:105-106

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27:14