Day 261: Who Knew That Season Was Preparation (September 18)

As I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting lately, I have noticed God has built upon every previous season of my life.  One season led to another and they were all purposeful and necessary for my growth and the growth of my marriage and family.  God is amazing and when you take a moment to look back, you too will see each season of your life doing the same thing.  It’s like different threads in a huge lifelong tapestry.

So, what brought this all to mind was, I am so grateful for the season in Pennsylvania because it is where I really discovered myself.  Who I am in Him.  My value to Him.  My ministry strengths.  And those were all necessary for this transition to Oklahoma.  Settling in here and being confident in our family has made everything so much easier.

Before we moved to Pennsylvania, I went through a long season of discovering Who God was.  See how He did that first?!  First, He really introduced Himself to me, and I discovered depths of worship in the confines of my own home.  Chris moved to PA a year before the rest of us, so I really had some time to develop a thorough love affair with the King of kings.  What others viewed as a hard situation of having 4 kids under the age of 8, homeschooling one, nursing another, endless diapers, and loneliness, ended up being a season of wooing from the Father.  Yes, it was a hard season, no doubt about it, but when I reflect on it, the main thing I remember is His Presence carrying me through every day.  It was when I really met Him.  I had been saved a long time, but to develop real relationship was something that needed to be deliberate and focused upon.

That season launched me into PA.  Now we have been launched here.

So, I guess what I’m presenting to you is this, if you feel lost in your season, never fear!  First of all, it won’t last forever.  Second, every season has a reason.  Search it out.  Find the heart of your season.  Discover the depths of growth.  Surrender to God’s hand sculpting you.  Third, reflect on your previous seasons and celebrate how far you’ve come and what you’ve seen God do!!  Celebrate His loving hand in your life.  He is worthy, always.  Even in my hardest seasons, I’ve seen His faithfulness.  We had a season of marriage that I have always referred to as the dark ages, and even then He was with me.  Even then, He made good use of hard situations.

He has always been with me.

We’ve talked about seasons before, but when it occurred to me that I’m walking out change far better than ever before, I knew I needed to honor all He’s done.  He sculpts us, not so we’re miserable, but so we know Him better and can enjoy our time on earth as ambassadors of the faith.  Celebrate His guiding hand today!!

He has made everything beautiful in its time.  Ecclesiates 3:11

But You are the same, and Your years have no end.  Psalm 102:27