Day 326: Recalibrate (November 22)

I looked up this word as I heard God speak it to me, and was shocked when I saw one portion of the definition.  It read: Recalibrate:  Calibrate (something) again or differently.  “the sensors had to be recalibrated”.

It was the portion in quotes that rocked me.  The sensors.  Can you see the spiritual parallels just parading to the fore-front of this example?

God is calling us to a season of recalibration.  As a church, His church, we have lost some of our bearings.  It’s not surprising given the way we are all inundated with information these days, some true and some not and worse still, some half true.  I think the half true sections are the most damaging, because they can begin to confuse our senses.

Just today as I was on facebook, I saw a new ad that Planned Parenthood is using.  In this ad they start with a picture of a baby and talk about choice.  How could they?!  The justice portion of my spirit was in an uproar at the blatant hypocrisy, then I saw what they were truly trying to do.  They are coming out as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  They fear they are losing ground in America, as they should be, and in that panic, they are attempting to put forth their greatest deception ever.  You may be saying, “Who would believe them?”  Well, the young people certainly will in many cases because they often see a portion of good in something and then decide that outweighs any negative.  They aren’t yet capable of seeing a fuller picture, it’s not their fault, they are just young and still naïve to the depths of deception that the world will go to, and honestly, I think some of it is they are more trusting in their youth.  Again, not a bad thing, but something the enemy loves to pounce on and manipulate so later on after he has used them to sabotage the earth, he will be their accuser as well, and the cycle continues.

This is a season to see good for good and evil for evil.  God is Light and in Him is NO darkness.  None.  So that kinda rules out all the “gray area” we love to talk about.

Lord, recalibrate my heart.  Show me where I have been led astray and teach me Your ways that I may not sin against You.  My desire is to follow You all my days, help me to stay on Your path.  Increase my sensitivity.  Let me feel Your gentlest nudge.  Let me be acutely aware of any darkness.  Help me to not walk in agreement with half-truths.  I want only Your Truth.  Oh Spirit of Truth, protect me from the great deceptions being played out over the earth right now.  Hide me away in Your Spirit that I can be a beacon of Your Light and uncompromising Truth.  You alone are worthy.  Thank You that I will see Your goodness.  I surrender, in Jesus name. Amen.

This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you:  God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all.  1 John 1:5

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6