Deeper Day 13: The Foundry

As I sat at the computer ready to write another devotional, I heard one word, FOUNDRY.  Immediately, I knew it was the Lord.  So I looked up the definition…..

Foundry:  1.  An establishment where founding is carried on. (founding means: to set or ground on something solid.)    2.  The act, process or art of casting metals.

Foundries use a lot of heat.  Making a metal into a liquid is intense.  During the refining you remove the slag (stony waste or matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore).  On more than one occasion lately, I’ve been walking out my day and unexpectedly a lie I believed would float into my head.  I am always surprised when this happens because the lies are usually so blatant, and a couple of times, the lie was hidden so deep within me that I had no idea I actually felt that way.

Like the day I was minding my own business, living life, and I heard “You’re afraid to succeed.”  I immediately had a vision of leaves being blown off a space so you could see there was a hidden item under them…This was the hidden item.  What?!  Afraid to succeed?  Even though somewhere deep within I knew this was a statement that I truly did feel, I still didn’t understand why.  I began to ask God where this lie came from and why I had been holding onto it.  We walked it out as I followed it to its root and then allowed God to speak truth over me and heal the space the lie had been taking up in my heart.

That’s the season I’ve been in for a while.  I keep hearing God tell me that He is really establishing a firm foundation within me.  One that can endure the tests of time.  One that outlasts a hard season.  One that creates a solidity in my walk that maybe I can’t fathom yet.  One that will allow Him to use me more fully.

Early this morning I woke and then could not go back to sleep, so I started really talking to God.  One thing I saw was, Him pouring a liquid gold out of Heaven into my spine and then He reached into my spine and readjusted it for me.  It was obviously a moment ripe with symbolism, but to now this evening, hear the word Foundry….I’m seeing God is truly trying to communicate something significant to me.

For this season, I have willingly walked into the hot place to be melted in His presence.  I have laid myself out as a willing sacrifice.  I long so much to be nearer to Him, that there’s nothing I won’t do.  So, this morning when I saw that vision, and honestly when I see any vision lately, my first response is never “How can this happen?”.  My first response has become, “Yes”.  Whether I understand what I’m seeing yet or not, I simply say, “Yes, Lord.” And then wait for more to come.  He holds my world.

Prayer Moment:  I challenge you to pay close attention to your thoughts and your heart today.  See if any “random” or “unusual” thought or feeling comes floating to the surface and if it does, take it to God and see what He has to say about it.  You will be blessed, I guarantee.

See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.  Isaiah 48:10

Pure gold put in the fire comes out of it proved pure; genuine faith put through this suffering comes out proved genuine.  When Jesus wraps this all up, it’s your faith, not your gold that God will have on display as evidence of His victory.  1 Peter 1:7