Deeper Day 116: Good Report

During this time of many conflicting reports, it can be so overwhelming. I’ve heard a lot of people, even believers, who seem to be recklessly spouting off one bit of uninformed news after another and without realizing it they are adding to the confusion and stress of this time.  It has caused me to pause repeatedly. Years ago, God showed me the importance of the tongue and how important it is what we do and don’t say. He also showed me that it’s important how and with what we partner.  When I hear two words about a situation, I will look for the one that carries peace and promise, and I will partner in that direction.

Friends, during regular life, and definitely during more stressful times like this, we have a choice to partner with fear or promise.  I choose promise.

I can actually feel when a word is being driven from the root of fear and you can rest assured that I will avoid it, and likely distance myself from the carrier of that word.  I am always looking to surround myself with those who carry promise. It matters. If this is a new practice to you, then I guarantee it will change your life! By doing this you will increase your ability to hear and know the truth. We all add fuel to the fire by what we say, the only question is which fire are you fueling? Are you adding fuel to the fear or adding to the promise? We are responsible for every word we speak. That’s a heavy weight to carry, but it’s also such a divine invitation to partner with heaven by what we speak.

There are a lot of lies and liars in this world, we must be so set on the voice of wisdom that we can discern the spirit behind the speaker.

Here are some verses from Proverbs that help me to stop and remember the importance of every word.

How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver! The highway of the upright avoids evil; he who guards his way guards his life. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud. Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord. The wise in heart are called discerning, and pleasing words promote instruction. Understanding is a fountain of life to those who have it, but folly brings punishment to fools. A wise man’s heart guides his mouth, and his lips promote instruction. Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.  Proverbs 16:16-24

Prayer Moment:  Friends, now more than ever we must seek out wisdom and discernment. The only true wisdom comes from God. We are in a day and age when we must ask Him to open our eyes and to give us each a truly discerning heart. We are navigating hard waters, but with wisdom and discernment as our oars, we can make it through. I encourage you to lean into God and ask Him to increase your supply of wisdom and discernment. He is willing.