Deeper Day 125: Co-Inhabit

Co-inhabit: To inhabit together

Recently, I was thinking about all my dreams and callings and also about my husband’s dreams and callings, and I said to God, “I want us to both be able to walk out our individual dreams and callings at the same time. I don’t think one of us has to make all the sacrifice for the other, I believe You made us to walk successfully at the same time.”

While those words were coming off my tongue, I began to have a vision. I saw Chris and I walking side by side into the sun. The highlight of the vision was the way we were walking directly next to each other. I knew God was saying, He too had this desire for us.

I don’t know if you realize when we walk closely with God, His thoughts and plans for us become our hearts desires so when we pray things that we think are only from our own heart, we are actually praying for things He has placed there. Basically, we are praying for the plans He has for us. This is the beauty and freedom that comes with close relationship.

In the culture I grew up in it was most common for the wife to take a secondary role to the husband. I never observed women in my life pursuing their own dreams and callings, I only saw them supporting their husbands. While this is a noble thing, it only reveals a portion of what God had in mind.

I was designed to pioneer. I was created to worship and lead others in worship. God planned for me to pour my heart out in words for devotionals and books. I was made to be a wife and mother.

He created me for more than just to be a support for Chris’ dreams. He created us to support each other’s dreams.

We are stronger as a couple when we are both supporting each other. Chris loves me more when I am walking out my identity. He’s proud of me when I do, and it’s attractive to him. Likewise, nothing is more attractive to me than seeing him walk through life with purpose and identity. I’m drawn to that confidence he has. We are both pioneers in different ways, so we understand that about each other, that’s one reason God placed us together. We lean upon each other’s strengths.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12

When we are walking together, with God in the center, we are that cord of three strands. We are stronger together.

Whether you’re married or not, this devotional is speaking to you. Single mom’s also need to walk out their dreams and callings, not just their children’s. You too become a guidepost for your kids future as they watch you walk in fullness.

Prayer Moment: No matter your situation, I encourage you today to find time to remember who and what you were created to become. If you don’t know, then ask God, or find a friend to pray with you as you seek God’s heart for your life. We need each other. God made us that way. I pray today will be a turning point in your life. Blessings over you and your household!