Deeper Day 154: Agreement

As a musician and worship leader who loves to hear the sound of all the instruments working together and who passionately loves beautiful and even sometimes dissonant harmony, I had a revelation the other day. I realized that when the instruments are all working together in one accord it brings agreement. It struck me that harmony is voiced agreement. I never knew that’s why I loved it so much until now. I can literally feel a pull on my ear when I hear beautiful agreement happening in music.

Agreement: Harmony or accordance in opinion or feeling; a position or result of agreeing.

It’s so interesting to look up the definition of even the most common words, to discover a deeper understanding of what we are saying. Even in its very definition, agreement uses the word harmony and accordance. God is really neat in the way He reveals things to my heart.

When I pressed into this thought of agreement, I realized that I thrive in any situation when I feel agreement. It moves way past worship and music, it is something I love to experience in any setting. Working together with a common goal or purpose. I am also discovering that I love to discuss and learn and forge out ideas and curriculum with other people. This is something that is exciting to me, when I am received as someone who is intelligent enough to genuinely contribute. It really revealed to me that I have not felt that way most of my life.

The symbiotic relationships I currently have at our new church are not only welcoming, but I feel new places in my heart and imagination coming to life because of the agreement.

I now see that when we are allowed to have individual thoughts and others don’t brush them off or dismiss them, it can spark to life deeper and deeper thoughts and ideas. Never underestimate the power of agreement.

I have also seen this in my children. When they come to me with an idea or a new creation, I always speak life and encouragement. I take it a step further though, I always reach into what I know of their original design and speak life to it. I encourage the giftings and anointings that I know God placed into their hearts when He originally conceived of them. Every single time I do this, I see a light come into their eyes and a wide smile spread across their face. It has led to so much breakthrough in them.

Don’t be afraid to speak agreement into someone’s life. I spent much of my life looking for someone to say, “Yes, I see that in you too.” Every place where that has happened, is a place in my heart, that has experienced exponential growth.

Prayer Moment: As I write this, I feel some of you thinking, “I have never had anyone agree with my heart before.” I feel some of you realizing you have a deficit in this area. To you I speak encouragement. I didn’t have it for many years either, in fact, my husband was one of the first. Before him, it was a couple of college professors who spoke agreement into my life. If you feel depleted in this place, I encourage you to take that to God and ask Him to speak over your life. When I need encouragement, I literally tell God that and ask Him to send it to me. It’s a worthwhile practice. If you are on the opposite side of this and feel very confident and uplifted by agreement in your life already, then I challenge you to become that voice of agreement for someone else. I have experienced so much joy finding the gold in others and speaking life to it! You will not regret it.

Every word of God is flawless, He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Proverbs 30:5