Deeper Day 178: Beauty with Dangerous Roots

When we bought our home here in Oklahoma one of the first things I loved about it was the view coming up the driveway. As you pull up toward the house and crest the hill, there it is in all its glory and part of that glory was three trees that had been planted right next to the house in the flower beds. I remember the first time I laid eyes on those trees because I loved them so much. But I discovered something very quickly, those trees were way too big to be planted right up against a home and their root system was growing directly under the foundation of our home. Not only that, but when storms come, those same trees that are so beautiful slap against the windows of the house and scare my children and have definite potential of breaking a window one day. So, this week I had those trees cut down. Those big beautiful, but misplaced trees, and it got me thinking…

So many things that have the appearance of beauty have dangerous roots.

I paused after I typed out that statement because every time I think it, say it or now type it, it resonates throughout my mind causing a deep sobering. So, I will type it again..

So many things that have the appearance of beauty have dangerous roots.

This statement can be applied to all aspects of life. No matter what you see or think is beautiful or draws you in, you must always look at its “root system” before deciding to partner with it either in speech or action. We are not called to be lazy christians, we are called to diligence. We are meant to be in the word and to search out truth in all situations. We are told to take every thought captive and that applies to when we hear something or someone’s excuse for this or that. No matter what we are responsible for seeking the true roots of a movement, idea, common phrase, church, etc before we begin to partner with it.

This is where I want to remind you of the second danger I saw in those trees remaining a part of our landscaping, they slapped the house and windows during storms and scared my kids and had potential to break a window eventually.

If we invest our energy or allegiance to something with a faulty root system and it grows an established “tree”, then it will inevitably cause damage and/or fear eventually.

When I partner with those rooted in fear, I too will experience an increase of fear. When I partner with those rooted in anger, I will become angrier, when I partner with something that’s just a “little” off from scripture, I will inevitably find myself moving further and further from Truth. You see, it’s so very important to be partnered with the right things.

Prayer Moment: God, reveal to me anything that I’ve partnered with that is not of You. Remove any blinders from my eyes that are keeping me from seeing what is true. Cut me away from anything that I’m walking in agreement with that is not in line with you and the fruit of the Spirit. I trust You to guide me through these deceiving moments happening in the world now. Show me the truth. I love You. In Jesus name, Amen.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.            Proverbs 31:30

Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice. Proverbs 16:8