Deeper Day 236: Breaking Free

I had a vision, and in it I saw people being afraid to move forward. Fear had essentially put heavy braces upon their legs which restricted their movement, but God was calling them out. Then, just as Forrest Gump did in the movie, they started running and when they did the braces broke off completely.

This is essentially what’s happening all across America right now.

Fear was used to bring in a controlling spirit, and even though the vehicle they used to invite it in (covid), has been proven to be far less of a problem than originally presented, many refuse to move forward. It’s almost like people enjoy walking in fear. I’m baffled every day.

Friends, we have some certainties in life…

  1. Everyone is born
  2. Everyone will die
  3. God is Sovereign over both things

Why do so many believers have such a fear of death anyway? We know where we are going. I am fully confident that I won’t arrive before I’m supposed to. My mind is like this scripture…

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21

Every day I long for heaven. Why would I let a sickness that often has no symptoms and that I have a 99.96% chance of surviving hold me captive?

We need open eyes and open hearts to see what’s really happening.

The enemy desires to steal, kill and destroy. Right now, he’s attempting to steal our livelihoods, freedom and Godliness that our country was founded upon.

God came that we would have, not just life, but abundant life. When we refuse to partner with the crippling fear, we choose life. We choose God.

I refuse to relent in my pursuit of abundant living. When we choose to trust God with our health, we find such freedom.

Prayer Moment: God, help me to partner with Your life-giving words and not the lies of fear. Give me boldness to move forward with life, not fearing anyone or anything. Forgive me for any time I’ve been lulled to sleep by the spirit of fear. Help me to run out of the shackles of earthly bondage. I am Yours. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The eyes of the Lord preserve knowledge. But He overthrows the words of the faithless. Proverbs 22:12

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers. Amen.              Galatians 6:18