The Fountain Day 20: The Future is Unknown

Years ago, when we moved into our home I couldn’t decide what to put on the walls in my bedroom.  Then one Valentines Day, Chris gifted me a painting.  It is so special to me.  When we got married we eloped, so the only pictures we have of that day are the polaroids that the Justice of the Peace had her husband take for us.  Chris found a company that takes photos and makes them into paintings.  You can imagine my shock and delight when he presented me with this heart felt gift.  Immediately, I knew I wanted it on a certain wall in our bedroom.  But the other side of the wall was still bare and really needed something.  I thought about it all the time.  Then one day, I realized (or was inspired by Holy Spirit) to find old windows to hang there.  I kept seeing it in my mind.  Two windows.  Imagine my delight when a year or so later, one of my sisters had a large white framed old wooden window to give away.  I knew right away I wanted it!  We brought it home and hung it on the wall.  I still knew I wanted an additional window to hang next to it, so I kept looking and waiting.  Then another sister randomly asked if I’d like an old window she had.  “Yes!!”, I replied.  When it arrived, I discovered it was a single window but the frame created four spaces in it.  When I hung it next to the first window…the Holy Spirit began to speak.

“Look at the painting of you and Chris, it’s a picture of the past.  Now look at the first window with one solid pane.  That’s a picture of the future I have for you and Chris…and it’s unknown.  Now, look at the final window that’s divided into four sections…that represents the lives of your children, and is also unknown.  There is a future for you all, but what it is, is still unknown to you.”

In a beautiful collision of years of planning and action toward simple decoration, God taught me something truly significant.  While I had been worrying and wondering about where we are headed and what it’s going to look like when we arrive, God has been planning a great adventure and is simply asking for my trust.  The windows demonstrated that we DO have a definite future, but it’s to His pleasure to ask for us to embark without knowing it all.

Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not seen.  Hebrews 11:1

This scripture has never been more relevant to me.  Thank You, God for Your promises.

I wonder, do you trust Him with your future without knowing what’s in store?  Today, I invite you into the collision of faith and trust.  Where the unknown becomes an invitation to adventure and a full life.  Leaving the control of the past and surrendering to ride the waves where He takes you.  Will you pray with me?

God, thank You for planning a grand adventure for my life.  I love that You take so much pleasure in creating it.  I choose to accept Your promise that good things are coming, even if I see no evidence yet.  I know it’s Your loving kindness that wraps around my life’s adventure.  I trust You.  I choose today to leap into the unknown, trusting that is where my fullness in You will be found.  Thank You for loving me.  In Jesus name, Amen.