The Fountain Day 185: Fools

As we saw the capitulation of almost 50 years of prayers for the end of Roe, it was shocking how immediate the lies began.  One after another spewing, sometimes deliberate, falsehoods.  Many just regurgitating lies that they choose to believe…I say choose because with minimal thought, insight, and understanding anyone could determine them to be untrue.  As I saw some posting ridiculous memes and things, I heard God speak to me, “They just want to believe this.”  In other words, it didn’t matter if it was obviously untrue, they just wanted to be offended.  I also saw some who I’ve loved and respected for years begin to take a position that I found appalling.  Life is life…truth is truth, but so many were either completely denying this or were so concerned with offending someone that they laid down reason and held to a lie.  Then this verse came to me…

Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.  Proverbs 18:2

It is true that many have no interest in understanding and only want to speak.  The art of listening and thinking are not too popular.  Everyone is expected to surrender to the wave of woke…it’s unreal.  How disappointing it can be to see loved ones succumb to this.  How confusing it is. 

When the truth is so glaringly obvious to me, it’s hard to see why others are blind to it.  But the fear of man is a strong adversary to the truth.  The fear of man has often caused good people to do nothing or even participate in bad behavior from their broken state.  The fear of man is intoxicating.  It is a snare.  It can take reasoning and lay it aside in an effort to avoid rejection.  It can bring death to the spirit…and create fools.

The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.  Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult.  Proverbs 12:15-16

This is a time of separate wheat from the chaff.  This is a time of unbelieving believers, or believers who glorify men above Jesus…being separated from those who follow Jesus at all cost.  This is a natural process, and it’s been happening since the beginning of time apparently…

Then Paul went to the synagogue and preached boldly for the next three months, arguing persuasively about the Kingdom of God.  But some became stubborn, rejecting his message and publicly speaking against the Way.  So, Paul left the synagogue and took the believers with him.  Then he held daily discussions at the lecture hall of Tyrannus.  Acts 19:8-9

It’s time for us to realize that sometimes separation is necessary.  But it’s also a time to see that sometimes, all the believers have left the building…and if that’s the case, who is left in the church?  It’s a sobering realization.  It’s interesting to see that some churches could quite possibly be full of unbelievers, or unbelieving believers…those with “fire insurance” yet no real relationship with Jesus.

Today is a great day to take an honest look at your own heart.  Why are you where you are?  Is it where you are supposed to be?  If so, then rejoice!! If not, then I pray you find the courage to make a change.  The hour is late and there is much at stake.