The Fountain Day 261: Stuck

I have felt stuck for the last couple of weeks.  Stuck in the mud.  A few weeks ago, I had some major encounters with the Lord and during that time got to speak at a church and man…it was amazing!  Then right after, an onslaught began.  Why?!

Well, I’ve given up the right to ask, “Why?” so now I’m just focusing on getting out of this stuck feeling.  It does feel as though with each forward motion I make, a shove backward comes shortly after…this encourages me because it shows that the enemy is terrified of my forward movement.  It shows me that when I’m moving forward, I’m doing so in the right direction…otherwise, I wouldn’t be facing such resistance.  Does this make sense?

I have heard it said that if you haven’t faced enemy resistance in a while, maybe it’s because you’re going the same direction he is going.  I lean toward believing that to be true.

After such powerful and life altering breakthrough a few weeks ago, I naively thought, “Wow!  Here we go!! I’m ready to move forward.”  Forgetting that it’s a one step at a time life…that is, unless God promotes me in a moment…which He can totally do.  But even then, I’ll be required to take it slow and steady moving forward in that breakthrough. 

Breakthrough, like exercises, are best done in a steady and deliberate way.  I mean, sure, I can do a hundred quick crunches every day…or I can slow down a bit and do a hundred focused and intentional crunches each day.  It’s the same amount, but the slower way will provide the greater reward. 

My life has come to a screeching halt.  I need to move forward with caution and great deliberateness, lest I fall right back into all the old patterns that God is breaking off of me.  This takes time.  That’s why not everyone will do it. 

I choose to be one of the rare ones, who will lay aside every earthly agenda in my pursuit of Him.  More of God is my main goal…it’s my “why”.  I just want Jesus.  I long for the Father.  I am so in love with my best friend, Holy Spirit.  My motivation for everything is to grow closer to them.

So, I suppose what matters today is, what will I do when I feel stuck?

I am choosing to use it as an invitation.  An invitation to press in further to God’s heart and ask Him how I can draw nearer to Him in this moment.

Have you been feeling stuck?

If so, I encourage you to use this time wisely.  Use it as an opportunity to create healthier lifestyle patterns.  Get up early and read the word.  Exercise and eat well.  These things alone, can shift your whole outlook.

A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength; for waging war you need guidance, and for victory many advisers.  Proverbs 24:5-6