The Fountain Day 268: Words of power

You know how sometimes you read scripture and it screams at you?  Those times when something written to someone a really long time ago, becomes highlighted and relevant to you for the current time.  I had an experience like that today.

My Bible reading began with this verse…

But the Lord says: “Now I will stand up.  Now I will show My power and might.”  Isaiah 33:10

It felt so alive.  So relevant.  As if God Himself was speaking those words over me and my family.  I felt His pleasure on the statement.  And I know a secret…if He said it before, He could say it again. 

Too often people get hung up on…well, God spoke that to certain people for a certain time…yes, that’s true, but He is still the same God today, is He not?

The Lord said to me today…Now I will stand up.  Now I will show My power and might…and I RECEIVE IT!!!  I’d be crazy not to do so.

Do you remember me recounting to you once that God called me Zion?  Out of the blue one day He did…and it startled me as I wondered if I was allowed to be called that.  It’s not the first time He’s called me something and my first response was, “Am I allowed to be that?” 

But after I told Chris about it, he came across a street sign that had fallen to the ground and he picked it up and brought it to me…you’ll never guess what the street name was…ZION!!  There was no denying that God was trying to speak to me…

With that in mind, read this portion of scripture that came later in my daily reading…

Instead, you will see Zion as a place of holy festivals.  You will see Jerusalem, a city quiet and secure.  It will be like a tent whose ropes are taut and whose stakes are firmly fixed.  The Lord will be our Mighty One.  He will be like a wide river of protection that no enemy can cross, that no enemy ship can sail upon.  For the Lord is our judge, our lawgiver, and our king.  He will care for us and save us.  The enemies’ sails hang loose on broken masts with useless tackle.  Their treasure will be divided by the people of God.  Even the lame will take their share!  Isaiah 33:20-23

God is saying something, and I don’t believe it’s just for me and my family…as many times I have seen God parallel a move on the earth with what He’s doing in my own family.  It’s kind of as if sometimes He moves in our family as a pre-cursor for what He’s going to do globally.  Am I saying our family is more special than others?  No.  I’m just saying, God does things like this all the time.  People just don’t always notice or openly share about it.

God is releasing this word again…the treasures of the enemy will be divided among God’s people.