The Fountain Day 267: Looking forward

When I read scripture, I am constantly seeing the promises to come.  I revel in the hope of our salvation.  That the wicked will be laid to waste and God will be our refuge and strength.  We are assured victory if we are with God. 

But You are a tower of refuge to the poor, O Lord, a tower of refuge to the needy in distress.  You are a refuge from the storm and a shelter from the heat.  For the oppressive acts of ruthless people are like a storm beating against a wall, or like the relentless heat of the desert.  But You silence the roar of foreign nations.  As the shade of a cloud cools relentless heat, so the boastful songs of ruthless people are stilled.  In Jerusalem, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies will spread a wonderful feast for all the people of the world.  It will be a delicious banquet with clear, well-aged wine and choice meat.  There He will remove the cloud of gloom, the shadow of death that hangs over the earth.  He will swallow up death forever!  The Sovereign Lord will wipe away all tears.  He will remove forever all insults and mockery against His land and people.  The Lord has spoken!  Isaiah 25:4-8

One day every mocker will be silenced, so why would we even bother to respond to them now?  Why would we ever feel threatened by those who will obviously lose in the end?  What can they do to us??  Nothing.  Nothing eternal.  Nothing God cannot rescue us from.

It’s time to renew our focus.  Time to remember the One we serve and why we serve Him.  It’s time to get a real backbone and stand firm on the Truth. 

Remember this scripture…

Don’t envy sinners, but always continue to fear the Lord.  You will be rewarded for this; your hope will not be disappointed.  Proverbs 23:17-18

Our hope will not be disappointed…this is a promise.  Hold to it and believe it.  Your reward is coming…if you’ll just hold on.