Deeper Day 334: I know His voice

As I was out walking and spending time with God yesterday, I was contemplating how it is that I know His voice so well. Then I had this thought/vision.

Suddenly, God came as my Teacher, once again and reminded me of this…when I was woven together in my mother’s womb, I learned His voice. In the same way that parents talk to the mom’s belly when the baby is still inside of it, God speaks to His creations as they are being formed. I am fully convinced of this fact. I often imagine Him with His hands that hold the whole world, yet are still the right size to knit in every mother’s womb, delicately and meticulously knitting together His newest creation.

Just imagine the overflow of love He must feel inside as He pours His spirit into us! Oh, the wonder of Him speaking our purpose and original design to our little forms. His fingerprints are all over us, whether we believe in Him or not. It’s all far too wonderful to comprehend.

Every time I was pregnant, I felt a deeper connection with God. It was as if I could feel His hands working inside of me. I always felt the deepest centering of my spirit when I walked out those months. At the same time as He was speaking over the creation in my womb, He was whispering to me about who that child would be. I would see small glimpses of their future, their personality, etc. The joy and wonder would bubble up from within me.

At the end of Him showing me this yesterday, He reminded me of the wonder that occurs when a baby is born. Isn’t it so fun how you can watch the baby turn its head in the direction of the familiar voices in his/her life? The father who spoke over the belly will say something and the infant, with closed eyes will turn its head because it is a familiar voice. The mama will speak, and the baby will grow calm and still because the voice of comfort is already established before the baby is even born.

In this same way, we are born knowing God’s voice. Unfortunately, through time and a series of other factors, sometimes we can forget we know it. But that doesn’t mean He has stopped speaking. If we lean in and listen, we can discover it again. That familiar comforting voice that we knew so well when we were being formed in the secret place. That’s the same voice that can lead you through this day, this season, this time in history.

Still comforting. Still affirming. Still loving. Still God.

Today, I encourage you to lean in and listen for that still small voice again. Ask God to remind your spirit what the sound of His voice is like. Just because everything in the world feels so off and out of balance doesn’t mean God’s voice has changed. It is the calm that you need. He has the direction you are searching for. He is speaking, will you listen?

Prayer Moment: God, come speak to me today. I need to hear Your voice. Continue to draw me ever closer to Your heart. I never want to lose sight of You. Lead me in peace. Wrap me in Your love. Speak, Your servant is listening. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27