The Fountain Day 346: They are none of your business

After the revelation that God gave me and my client the other day…He expanded on the concept the following day.  He spoke to me, “You do realize that…someone else’s opinion of themselves is none of your business, also.” 

Again, I was stopped dead in my tracks.  I felt immediate conviction over my thoughts over many people, especially those who have wronged me.  I struggled with thinking, “Well, they think (this) about themselves, but look at how many people they are hurting,” God is far too loving to allow me to continue to wrestle with this fruitless thing.

In that instant I released everyone I could think of and said, “God, their opinion of themselves is none of my business and I release them to You now.” 

What a revelation!!!

I felt lighter immediately.

So, let’s allow this word to sink into your heart today. 

Someone’s opinion of themselves is none of your business. 

That means that even if someone is acting arrogant or as if they can do no wrong…it has nothing to do with you.  Let it go.  If someone is walking around with a victim mentality and tries to leach off of everyone, release them to God and move on.  We don’t have to entertain other peoples disfunction…in fact, when we are healed in our hearts, their disfunction won’t be comfortable in our presence.  It’s actually a gift to them to allow them to find discomfort.  People don’t need to be coddled as much as we do.  The PC culture is so toxic and creates weak minded people.  Training for life needs discomfort.  Body builders need to push themselves, it’s how we become stronger.  It’s healthy. 

When I reflect on my entire life, I don’t look at it as if I was a victim to my circumstances anymore.  Now I see that I have been training for what I’m doing now, my whole life.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

God is good, friend.  He is only good.  You can trust Him.  You can find victory in your heart, if you choose to do so. 

Are you ready?

God, I release every person to think about themselves whatever they will.  People don’t need my approval to think a certain way about themselves.  I repent of every time that I have stood in judgment over others and their opinions about themselves.  I release them back into themselves, and I take all of myself back.  I stand before You alone.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope is in You.  Psalm 25:21